Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thank goodness for audiobooks!

My newest obsession, the "City of Ember" series has all been digital! Walter sent me a link to an interview Bill Murray was giving where he mentioned Ghostbusters 3, which was an interview for "City of Ember". I was mildly curious about what "City of Ember" after recovering from the excitment of a new 'busters movie (he pointed out enough time has past for us to have recovered from II) and went on a quick search to find out what it was about. I could tell from trailers that it was a kids adventure movie, some of my favorite kind.

Obviously it was frmo a book, I didn't need to research to know that, so I nosed around a bit for an audiobook. I found one somewhere and listened to it. It's short and, while not 'shallow' it's aimed at the younger crowd so it lacks a lot of in depth development. However, I absolutely loved it. I really really did. So much that I quickly went out to iTunes and bought the two sequals. Within the past week I've listened to all three twice, and seen the movie. The movie was good, but seriously lacking if you've read the book. I enjoyed it, mostly because I went alone with Tiana and the theater was empty except for one other middle aged man (That was wierd) and we could talk about all the things that were happening.

Anyway, if you still have a bit of an inner child enough to enjoy a very good story, wonderful characters and a bit of rhetorical thinking all through the eyes of a 12 year old(ish), READ IT!

The only bad thing is having that adult perspective just leaves you begging for more; more story, more character development, more books, more words! I haven't read the 3rd book which is the prequel and doesn't do more than explain the history of the other three books a bit, but I will eventually.

Anyway I highly recommend the books - they are very short and easy reading. The movie - if you have a kid to take with you, definitely. If not, it's hard for me to say because I think they left out some of the best parts from the book so I'm bias. It's still good though. Mostly it was just the joy of sharing an adventure stemmed from a book with Tiana. I'm making CD"s for her to listen to as well, since she enjoyed it so much.

Had to have some lighter fare-----although so far all books or movies i have seen lately are all post-apocolyptic or current crisis kinds of from Koontz, Blindness (I wil NOT be seeing that movie...), the Ember series etc.....I better stop that!!


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