Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I must be getting old

Or maybe I just started to form my own opinions. Gosh, it shouldn't have taken that long should it have? Oh well...

Hooray America! We have overcome some major fears and ignorances and elected the first (half) black president! Yay us! I can honestly say I am extremely proud that our nation has, for whatever reason, put a minority in the most powerful position in the world. Really. I don't agree with a WHOLE LOT if not ALL of what he stands for but dangit I'm an American and I'm going to support as best as I can who we've elected as misguided as I think we may have been to do so. Seriously though -I belive in earning your keep, working hard, repecting the life of those who can't speak for themselves, holding people accountable for their choices and helping those who cannot help themselves. If you can't read between the lines sorry... not going in to it here. All that matters is we elected Barak Obama and we have to stand behind him united - no matter how much we might not like his positions.

As Walter and I joke, 'Hey, now we don't ahve to pay our mortgage! Now we get even MORE money for being mediocre, and if we quit our jobs we'd be even better off!'

Not in a millions years, after all I have small kids to be an example to right?

The thing that absolutely KILLS me though, is that gay marriage is apparantly not ok and a threat to our society, yet destroying perfectly legitemate lives is? The mass murderer or child rapist deserves a break and it's cruel to him him/er but an abortion gone wro ng is a question? I shouldn't have a gun to protect my family and potetntially kill that threat but there's nothing wrong with killing an innocent soul that I believe with all my heart is a soul ? Now that's just screwy. I know the fundamental difference is when life begins and I wouldn't dream of trying to change someone's mind, but to me - birth control is a choice, not creating a life then taking it away. Our morals have just become so lax and we are so desperate to not hold anyone accountable for their choices that we've become a nation of lazy, selfish and greedy people who feel like they are entitled to anything they could possibly want.

But really....I'm not afraid of change or the attempt at change. Bring it on Obama, show me I'm wrong. I'm eagerly awaiting a prosperous nation that is LESS self indulgent. I'm happy to save the environment as long as thousands don't go hungry becuase we are too impatient to transition in a planned, controled manner. I'm all about helping anyone who needs help as long as they can demonstrate that they truly truly need it.

I want so badly to belive this is the change we need, the face of a new more tolerent, wise and equal America. Please, please let it be true and please let it happen!

but for the record I'm extremely suspicious of people who speak so eloquently that they aquire a flock regardless of the the actual words


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