Monday, January 29, 2007

This is for you Josh!

This was after the first couple big snows, but before another reall ybig one. The height is pretty mild compared to how it all ended up! This is the front of our *new* house!

This is after significant meltage from the first really big chunk so it doesn't look too bad. Believe me, it was though XD! Walter and Tiana enjoyed shoveling snow, as odd as that sounds... A small part of me wants to believe it's the hot chocolate I gave them when they were done that brought on the desire to shovel so much, but I know it was really just the newness of it.

Now THIS is from the first big snow. Obviously. This is the backyard (just down and to the left you can see the stairs from the walk out basement) and the fence is taller than me...

This is not a short tree.

Tiana's poor motor car (which has been in storage for several years) didn't make it far at its new backyard home. I honestly haven't seen more than this much of it in about 7 weeks.

It has actually snowed, and not just little flurry here and there, for 6 straight weekends and more is expected this weekend. Just to break it up a bit we might get a little during the week too!
Well there they are - a few snow pics! If i get really ambitious I might put some video up on youtube and post them here, but don't count on it like, tomorow or anything :)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Finally an update!

Anyone who knows me knows what's been going without further delay, the pictures!

The little bugger was very wiggly and wouldn't give us a better shot so we just got the 'alien baby' picture :/ Ah well. So far: 10 oz, head: 15.5cm , and I think about 6 in or so overall. And no, we didn't find out the gender.....My mom actually went with me and it was VERY cool to have her there :D