Sunday, September 30, 2007

thomas, trees and well that's about it...

I successfuly cleaned at least part of my keyboard tonight. Hooray!! Here are a few pics from the past coupla weekends...

We went to see THOMAS THE TRAIN least weekend. Woohoo!! we ll had a blast, especially Max.

On Thomas...

Max and Neenoo on Thomas:

Me and Max on Thomas:

Abbey and Tiana with Thomas in the background:

In the car up to Mount Evans. Boy what a ride.....

pretty pretty trees!!!

ZOMG! Summit lake was soooooo windy and cold you couldn't hardly even get out of the car... it was still awesome to see.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

coupla pics

My first knit project. I took the strap i made for my other phone (oh,a ctually THAT was my first project) and attached it to this little 'bag'. I also threaded some string through it (the extra on the left) soi t works like a drawstring pouch. And what's that next to it? Why, glad you asked! That would be my new iPod Nano!!!! Watler got it for me and led me on a little chase through notes around the house to find it :D I should have taken pics so I could have taken you on the journey. I've lways wanted on, and now i have one. I'm so excited and happy :)

The day before Felix left for LA.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Walter and his mother visited Karena in Aspen Monday-Wednesday. Here are some cute pics!

And of course one more of Brenda and the gang!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Duty means..

I close my eyes and feel myself fly a thousand miles away.
I could take flight but would it be right?
My conscious tells me stay.
I'll remain forever royal,
I'll repay my parents debt.
Duty means doing the things
your heart may well regret.
But I'll never stop believing.
She can never stop my schemes.
Theres more to living than gloves and gowns
and threads and seams.
in my dreams,
I'll be free