Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mandelbrot set Awesome video

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Remember 9/11

All the heartache
All the sorrow
All the anger
All the unity

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I can't help it... - story confirms what Walter saw :~(

As for those who claim it has nothing to do with the fact the jerk was illegal (this is from a response to one of the comments) or that is was entirely the other's persons fault.
"1 Hernandez should not be in this country to begin with.
2 Hernandez should not have been driving without a license.
3 Hernandez should not have been driving without insurance.
4 Hernandez was speeding.
5 According to witnesses he ran a red light.
6 Based on his rap sheet he should have been in jail last week.
Does 6 wrongs somehow make a right in some people’s mind? Interesting."

Kudos to the RMN for actually using the word 'illegal'. I've heart the argument so many times that people aren't illegal. F*(##) that. If this guy was here legally he would have been put away a long time ago because he had broken so many laws. ILLEGAL means breaking the law. It's because he was here illegally, and because our system is so messed up that people can come here under the radar, commit crimes and get away from serving time, that this little boy, and the other two women, are dead. If he were a citizen THIS WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED.

Mkudos for this article about one of the other victims: and this on the frustration of everyone involved:

It gives me hope that the papers are actually calling this what it is instead of skirting around the issue as usual.

The funeral was today

Per Walter:

"Dad reopened the casket one last time before service began to kiss his kid bye (had already been closed/locked). Made everyone basically cry and feel :'("

He wasn't able to stay due to the inappropriate fussiness of Max, but I'm glad he went. Details from the case are coming out that are just more and more infuriating, but I think this enough for now.

I'll post a neat game-a-thon for cancer website Josh (F) sent me later....

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

rap sheet

As you may know...

Last Thursday night I saw a horrific accident. As a rule I try to set the example and not look, but it was impossible in this case. There were probably at least 6 police cars, and an ambulance and fire truck blocking half the street. There was a huge crowd of about 70 people standing about. Seeing nothing at first I wondered if it was a fire, or a robbery or the like. I couldn't fathom what would cause such a rucus without cars mangled somewhere. And then I made it past the fire truck, now obviously angled so people couldn't see, and I saw the mangled car/s. The instant I saw it I looked away. I hate that our society is so engrossed with horror and tragedy and openly seeks it out.

The next morning, driving around looking for the parking lot at Coors field I was listening to the radio and learned more information. I had to pull over and cry for while. Not just cry a little, but whole hearted sobbing.

One of the victims of this horrific accident was a baby- a 2/3 (I've heard 3 the last couple of days) was getting/eating an ice cream cone at Baskin Robbins (I can't bring myself to know more details - but Walter knows).

As more information comes out my anger has become overwhelming. At first I thought it was just an accident, no way to prevent it. However, the guy who did it, who just hopped out and ran away, had 20+ priors. The last one was just 2 weeks ago, and one of the more recent (not sure if it was the most recent) was assult on the officer. He had assulted so many people, had the ridiculous record he has, and was repeatedly let go. Any guesses why?

Now everyone is blaming each other. It's the polices fault for not arresting him. It's the government for having an under the rug 'sanctuary' policy. It's the federal govt for not dedicating the resources needed.

But you know who's fault it is that this family has lost their precious little baby? US. Every last one of us who has looked the other way, who haven't voted for some kind of reform. Especially those that think it's just a racist issue. It has nothing to do with race.

And it's not fair. It's not fair to the people who pay with it with their lives aned their families. It's not fair to the people that work hard and come here the right way, spending years and years burried in paperwork. It's not fair to the families that come here under the radar and live a hidden existance while working their butts off, salvaging our countries work and moral ethics. IT's not fair to the children who are here illegally because they get a subpar education. It's not fair to our kids because so much time is dedicated to the non-english speaking children. It's not fair to business who follow the rules and only hire people with proper paperwork.
It's not fair to the officers who have to let criminals go knowingly because for whatever reason they just can't keep them.

And this isn't the first time. There are so many stories, just here in denver.

If you wonder why I don't make more of an issue about dui's and the's because it doesn't matter. We have a second tier legal system that lets it all happen. Walter is so pissed... You can just imagine! It has nothing to do with race, but a faltering system that costs lives and holds no one accountable.

So what am I going to do? I don't know. Walter wanted to, and I also asked him to, go to the funeral to show his support. If that family needs help, I'll gladly give it. But immigration reform, in whatever form, is now a higher priority than it was in my choice of vote. It was one of my deciding issues, but now it's my mission. You can be certain if one of us did this in another country, we wouldn't be free to go.

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Abbey: a self portrait

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It is friggin snowing O-o