Monday, May 14, 2007

What's in a name?

So we've finally come to a compromise (although I'm still trying to push for re-thinking the boy middle name - but walter is already attached to it's meaning) on names so without further adieu...

Boy: Max Shou Almanza (Greatest To Soar)
Girl: Max Hailey Almanza (Greatest Hero)

We basically each got what we wanted. I wanted Max for a boy and he wanted Shou for a middle name. He wanted Max for a girl too, but I really wanted Hailey in there somewhere. It wasn't as smooth a process as Tiana's name was but I think we came to a good end :)

HINT: Shou = just say 'show'. it's easiest for everyone >.

Where did I get the meaning for Hailey since it usually seems to mean 'hay clearing'? Why:

And Shou (Japanese romanji version):
Soar: Shouji, Shouta

The Chinese/Jap. equivelent symbol version means 'longevity'.

So there you go. I think it's there to stay either way :)

Add that to Tiana (yes technically Ti'ana to stay true to its origin) Rhayne which has no real direct meaning but by default means 'Princess/Queen Maiden' and we have a nice mix of randomness :D. Trust me it wasn't easy staying away from family names either :/.