Thursday, August 31, 2006

learning lessons

applying what I've learned from my mistakes with you tube. This video should actually consistantly work :D

Yeah!!!!!!! October 17 is the official release date for the DVD. I CAN'T WAIT!!! Neither can Tiana :)

Shout out

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Brenda...the Dilbert blog isn't the comic strip it's actually Scott Adams' blog, so you've technically only been bumbed by one comic :)

If you promise to be good and post more often, you can regain your top spot ;D.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

paying bills...getting bored with it

"HAMMY! Less claw, more pad!"

Hammy is Walter's favorite. I admit, he is a cute lil bugger :D

Making room

Had to find a better place for my new pic ^_^. So, i had to make a post to bump the other one down a bit so I could see what it would really look like.

So umm......Check out the Dilbert blog. It's actually pretty funny tho it is mostly polical/social commentary by Scott Adams :) And of course, don't forget to read the OTH strip daily!!!

I guess that's about it. Hopefully I can get a card this paycheck for my phone so I can transfer pics/movies off of it.

Wow, the clouds are really moving fast. I wonder if that means rain soon...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006



..have absolutely nothing to say. But I need to keep it interesting for Brenda ^_^.

Monday, August 28, 2006


Why do I get obsessive? I don't know. Is OTH really as witty as Shrek? No. Is it as hilarious as Madagascar? Maybe. Besides the social commentary of suburban life that I actually quite agree with (the reality of it..) - why have I gone head over heels for the witty raccoon and the superego personified as a turtle?

I have no idea. The best I can come up with is that they're cute and fuzzy. The sin of anthropamorphism...what can you do? *shrug*

Anyway, it has been good in a few respects. I've had crazy energy lately...thanks to my new system of just exercising, walking and not paying attention to the details in general and in following the drink lots of caffine and just be plain hyper theory. Oddly, according to the scale, this approach seems to be working O_o

Saturday, August 26, 2006

furrrrther obsesssion

And now, for my convenience and your entertainment:

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Nothing to say

but something to quote. Sorry, too obssesed with OTH right now to chat...

"I really wish you have told me THAT sooner" - RJ

"Yeah, well that's bad communication, also something families do" - Verne

Sunday, August 20, 2006

For the love of furries....?

Shrek 3? Madagascar 2? Possible Over the Hedge 2? Am I in heaven?????? I thought I lost most interest in furrydom, but BAM go see Over the Hedge and there it is, staring me right in the face again :) Let me not forget to say the music is very good in it too. And you know, William Shatner has so embraced his cornines that, well...I thought he was great in this :D

And now, and experiment in you-tubing:

Friday, August 18, 2006

It's mini-me!

Yes i have created a bit of a mini-me :) I must have been around her age or a tad older when I first watched Watership Down and now the tradition has passed and it is now one of her favorite movies as well. We'll see if she catches on that there is a book and tries to read it in the fourth grade :)

Also, Laurie Berkner rocks. Check out the link and the videos! Brenda, her suff is very foksy and fun and easy to play :D

we rearranged our office today. It was fun. Tiana also went to work with me all day too! She dumped chocolate milk ALL over her head and dress. My officemate Rod (who is reminisent of Casey in his humor) was the only actual witness and was desperately trying to not bust out laughing. It was pretty funny to see her covered head to toe in chocolate milk and her hair is still crunchy where it dried. I really need to chase her off to the bathtub. Fatma comes back on Monday (yeah that we get to see her again, boo that she has to leave poor litle Maya already :( )
Em moved to South lastweek and it's just been Rod and I all week, so it will be nice to get back normal next week. Em was a nice officemate though, we'll miss her :/ Poor Rod though....a small office with 3 girls :D.

OH, I got my phone on tuesday and nearly cried for joy :) I haven't figured out how to do anything with it yet, and the bluetooth apparently won't work on my laptop, but I'm still finagling a way. I will never be defeated by technology!!!!!!

We went and saw Over The Hedge with Presely and her mom Tracey on tuesday too. That was really fun, and it was a hilarious and very over the top disney-esque feel good - but it was still really funny. I need to call everone this weekend!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Sometimes I feel like Sophie

Sometimes I feel a LOT like Sophie. Miyazaki is my hero....

No phone today *cry*

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Lotsa good things can happen, and not be very eventful

So woohoo, Walter convinced Verizon to send us a phone and put it on our bill, so soon I shall be able to take pics and uplaod them easily again thanks to blutooth, hooray!!! Oh yeah, and I can actually talk to people again too :)

Today is Walters last night at Dominoes and next week (last thursday actually) he begins training for his new job (see below for link to Mount Saint Vincents).

What else? can't think of much at the moment actually. I've been pretty brain dead since our new website went live.

I found four new myspace friends in the past couple of days..Josh and Casey and erica and Ally. I have to go add them all to my friends list now, and add them to my blog link list. *whew* i'm going to have to have a seperate link section for myspace/bloggers :)

Well taht's all i can to chat about today except that I CAN'T WAIT FOR LEOPARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo wiping windows on my pc and putting leopard on :D EVERYONE go watch the Apple Keynote :)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Barbie? What?

Anyone who knows me knows I'm not exactly a fan of Barbie. However, the Barbie movies have quite abit of charm to them. Not always great for being good role models, but the stories are interesting and fun and usually unique retellings of fairy tales.

Princess and the Pauper? That is my favorite. the Princess is a book type (althouh of course unnaturally built with flowing blond hair) who like enjoys, no loves, geology. Now a Barbie who love to read science books and look at rocks? That's kind of cool. And the Pauper, typically, loves to sing and is the twin of the blond Barbie, but with auburn hair. She's cool though, because at the end of the movie she decides not to marry the Prince, but go on tour ^_^. Of course she eventually goes back and marries him, but just that she doesn't right away.

the cool thing about them both is that they don't run away like most heroines who are forced to marry someone they dont know, or work a harsh life. They both feel great responsibiliy and the importance of their duties. The Princess holds her head high and won't complain about marrying a stranger for the good of her people and the Pauper won't let her parents down by faling to repay their debt.

Those are good role models if you ask me..unnatural waist (and hair..the CGI isn't THAT great) and all.

On a similar note, I had a frightening conversation today when I was picking up Tiana. I ran into Presley's mom and she and I and a teacher in their old room were talking about the kids, and she was saying how one of the boys was a real 'ladies man' obviously groomed to be basically ....a know....He hits on the grown ups, apparently gets some girls in the bathroom for some 'real kissing' (tongue? at FRIGGIN FOUR??? That is just sick). Obviously I was concerned so I asked Tiana if she spent time with Grey (yes they do - they play spy with taylor) but she wasn't interesting in a session in the bathroom. I think i realixed she'll probably be a prude like me....not through our parenting but jsut because she will be.

Hooray :)

I'm so not ready for that part of parenting yet....

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Let's all give a cheer for Muppets

I mean really...where would we be without our beloved Muppets. Eh? No Answer? I thought so.

Well we released our website, I just finiedhed up the editing this morning, we just have to swap some images for the Intranet and I'm DONE!!!!!!!!!

Well sort of. I mean I 'll feel like i can now leave work at work and go back to a normal life exercise, preparing a real lunch and playing candy Land to my heart's content.

Walter got a job!!! We both got a really good vibe from this place, and frankly I'm a bit jealous of his career turn :) Mount saint Vincent's Home just gives a very nice feeling when you look at it.

Last week we went to the zoo (this time I got to go :D) with Tiana's class, wrapping up a very full summer of field trips. I'm kinda of sad to see it end because they had somewhere to go almost everyday, now they are back to staying in their classroom :(. Ah well. Now that walter has a job, we're looking at houses in that area so we can BOTH be closer to work. If anyhting, we will at least have a friggin yard to enjoy. Now if we could just get a house with no closing costs and nothing down....we'd be....set.....

And that's my short summary of the past week! Tiana did get a pretty bad scrape on her knee at the zoo, causing her much drama and complete inability to walk home anyway....Watching Tiana and Walter the past few weeks really drives home how much they want/need attention.....