Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Fitzgerald Theater, yeah!
And a bonus, Minnesota Public Radio....wasn't expecting that :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

My day of touring St. Paul



And Ming Ming too,We're Wonder pets and we'll help you.....

Hello from St. Paul!

Darlene at dinner last night :

Me with Linus in the Town Center mall/building/business placey-thing

Looking outside my window on the 16th floor

Another view t the right looking out my window.

Now we're off for fun!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Let's start from the beginning....

Max when she was REALLY sick at the Dr's office. Tiana being quite cute.

Ballet recital!!!

Younger class at the recital:

Tiana (3rd from the left) and Abbey (3rd from the right)

The Dads

Snow White and Plato (currently experimenting with egg laying :) )

Walter's parents
Max's B-day cake!Erica in the spirit of the moment as always! It's never a proper party without her!

The girls

The teens and tweens
Havin a good time!

The little girls! Max REALLY wanting a nap and us forcing her to eat her little cake :)
Walter having a darn good time. He played cook and bartender all afternoon O_O
Max not enjoying the cake in her face so much.
Abbey and Tiana with the guinea pig of changing names (i.e. Chunk, Piggy Wiggy etc)

The car seat box is way more rockin than the car seat! Max's first ride facing forward!

Walter's mom and KarenaDon and Tiana. Birds of a feather :D
Lovin the new car seat:
The tongue....
" Mine"
Another fun filled day begins.

Erica and the goat (that farted on me) Water fight!
And of course horse rides: Tiana
Meema and Max

Meema and birthday girl Nayomi
Meema and Aydan
cool cat Anthony
Allison, Erica's mom!
And Ally
Deryk and Ant again
And then, they brought out the guns O_O
Erica, Ally and I agreed we had to have a sense of adventure

( we all kicked butt)

Erica and the goat again (that farted on me)
T and A on the atv taking a ride
campfire time...
s'more time!
And then of course...
But it wasn't over there! Father's day swimming at the condo!
Casey shows off his gun shooting bruise..either the girls just rock at handling guns or the guys got the bruises and told us what NOT to do...we're not telling loL!
And then, Aydan had to pee.

And then, it was finally over (for now)